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Crane services


About us - Cranes Chełm

CranLift CZERWIŃSKI was founded in 2003.

Initially, it focused on providing crane services.

With the growing market demand, it developed its machinery and gained customer recognition and prestige.

Placing great emphasis on the expansion and development of the company, after three years of existence, we have introduced the rental of basket lifts to our range of services. Services in this industry are developing dynamically, both in terms of equipment and various commissioned works.

The quality of the services provided is guaranteed by the many years of experience of the operators and employees. The service ordered from us guarantees successful cooperation and smooth execution of the order.

Scope of crane services:

  • reloading and unloading of machines, devices and containers
  • work at heights related to the feeding of building elements and materials
  • assembly of building structures
  • assembly of production lines
  • work on power lines and GPZ
  • erecting power poles

If the work requires it, we use basket lifts – see BASKET LIFTS